Genesis Collection: (AVAILABLE NOW)


You can be an early adopter into the Labz! To raise money towards the sale of the full Mad Scientist collection, we will be releasing a “Genesis” Collection of 100 Unique Mad Scientists minted at only .04! The money from the genesis collection will be used to continue marketing efforts towards sale of the main collection of mad scientists.


Some of the benefits of being a Genesis holder include:


-Every Genesis holder can elect to receive a QR/AR code keychain that will link directly to their NFT in an AR environment. (Product is already created and fully functional)


-Every Genesis holder will have the opportunity to “stake” their NFT to earn $LABZ tokens in the future


-Airdrop of $LABZ token worth the amount it will be to mint next collection

Full Collection Info:


After the genesis collection you still have a chance to earn $LABZ tokens through minting our next collection of mad scientists (collection amount and price TBA).