The Crypto Labz

TheCryptoLabz is a collection of 6,626 Mad Scientists on the Ethereum blockchain. 6,626 is based upon Planck’s Constant: (6.62607004 × 10-34 m2 kg / s) named after Max Planck, one of the fathers of quantum theory.

TheCryptoLabz strives to bring an innovative atmosphere to the NFT space through STEM enthusiasts, to collaborate, learn, research, & conduct further experiments within emerging technologies such as 3D Printing, Augmented Reality, and of course Blockchain. This community of creators and innovators will be crucial to our success in the long term. 

Every member of TheCryptoLabz who holds onto their Mad Scientist NFT for a week after launch will be sent a 3D Printed QR Code which displays an Augmented Reality version of your Mad Scientist! Show it to your friends, colleagues, or anyone else that wants to see your digital asset!

Along with getting 3D printed AR/QR code, all Labz members will get access to “The Labz”. A place where the community can connect over a broad spectrum of topics- from innovations and opportunities focus, to the proper way to use the creator fund (Phase 4)

Not only are we bringing physical utility and AR to the NFT space, we have an experienced team that can execute on the vision. What is this vision you ask? Take a look at our roadmap and see for yourself the benefits of being a part of TheCryptoLabz!

Phase 1: The community and product are at the top of our mind. Growing a great community around innovation and a space to bounce ideas off each other, suggest future projects, and just hang out and talk is the first and an ongoing step to reaching the full potential of the Labz.


There will be several events that happen in the leadup to pre-sale such as NFT giveaways and a partnership with a charity that provides STEM education opportunities for students.

  • Creation of NFTs

    • A team of artists work to make the Mad Scientist Collection with our team of computer scientists to bring “The Labz” to life.

  • NFT giveaways

    • To thank the entire Labz community we will be giving away a series of NFTs from the collection in random draws!

  • Partner with charity

    • The project aims to donate a portion of the proceeds to a charity promoting STEM education access, helping lead the way to enable access to projects like this and things beyond. Charities are available now on our discord!

Phase 2: The Mad Scientist collection is made available for minting on our website, After launch, each owner can elect to receive a 3D printed augmented reality QR code keychain that will display your NFT. This keychain can go with you anywhere, to show off to your friends and family. The events during this phase are:

  • Presale / Launch

    • Time to mint your very own Mad Scientist!

  • Reveal (A day after sell out, or 72 hours after launch)

    • Check out your mad scientist for the first time, show it off to your friends!

  • All winners of giveaways airdropped NFT

    • Any giveaway winners will be airdropped their free NFT.


Phase 3: Production of the AR QR codes commences and the community receives their unique product. Along with the production of the 3D printed AR/QR codes (free to any holder of a mad scientist), there will also be a donation to a charity that helps underprivileged kids with STEM education, voted on by the community. The things to look forward to in this phase are:

  • Production and Shipment of 3D printed QR codes

  • 5% proceeds of sale (cash equivalent) will be donated to charity 

    • The community gets to choose where the donation goes!

  • Reveal of “The Labz”

    • A place to collaborate, build, and learn. A core part of our vision.

Phase 4: We don’t just want to be an NFT project, we want to be an NFT ecosystem. An NFT ecosystem is a community built to last, with innovators and creators, looking forward to the future. We want to position ourselves to be leaders in this emerging market place of NFTs and the metaverse, taking the community on the ride with us as we focus on bringing new innovations to the NFT space. The team is not only dedicated to making this project a success, but has the experience and ability to execute.


Looking forward, we have a lot planned for the labz that will reward those who diamond hand. Some things to look forward to are:

  • Continuity of “The Labz” through community treasury.

    • 25% of secondary market royalties will go towards the community treasury.

    • The community treasury can be used for projects voted on by the community.

  • Roadmap 2.0 Drops

    • Our next steps in concrete and how it will benefit the labz community.

  • Whitelist for future projects

    • Our holders will always benefit from our growth into the NFT market!

  • Free 3D prints voted on by the community!

  • Future AR projects.

  • Future 3D printing projects

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How to MINT an NFT?

1. To begin the NFT minting process, go to the NFT’s mint page on their website.

        Insert minting page screenshot 

2.  Once you’re there, you will be prompted to enter your wallet address and hit the “mint” button. 

        Insert fake wallet address and cursor over mint button

3. MetaMask will open

        Insert MetaMask transaction screenshot from video

4. You will then need to complete the payment transaction, you will need some ethereum, solana, or another crypto coin to do this depending on which NFT you are buying. The Crypto Labz’ Mad Scientist collection, for example, is stored on the Ethereum blockchain.


5. The owner of that NFT can store their NFT in a wallet of their choice, such as MetaMask.

        Insert Mad Scientist in a MetaMask Wallet

6. The owner can sell their NFT in an NFT marketplace, such as OpenSea.

        Insert Mad Scientist in an OpenSea Account

How to Create an NFT Wallet?

A large part of NFT ownership is community and peer-to-peer transactions  to add to your crypto collectibles. We recommend as the wallet with which to buy, sell, and store an NFT. To begin, go to MetaMask’s website and download the software via Android, iOS, or Chrome.

After installing, you will make a password and secret phrase to recover your account in case you forget your password. Write the secret phrase down and store it in a secure location, or store it in a password manager.


Once you have your MetaMask wallet, you can add funds via a debit/credit card,or send crypto from exchanges. Once funds are added you can buy crypto currency such as Ethereum, Solana, or Bitcoin. MetaMask also functions as an NFT wallet, where you can store and look at your NFT collection!