Founder & Project Lead

Pj’s comes from a background in entrepreneurship and technology. With experience starting other businesses in the manufacturing and tech space, he started TheCrytoLabz and continues to lead the vision forward. 

Director of Engineering

Syntax comes from a background in computer security and programming. He operates companies in the industries of manufacturing, intelligence software, & cannabis. Helping start The Cypto Labz he engineers the team’s innovative technologies.

Digital Artist

TreyJo comes from a background in digital storytelling which helps the team create digital media through any medium. He is the artist behind the mad scientists and helped bring the art to reality.

Willip comes from a background in industrial engineering with a focus on human-computer interaction. He deploys augmented reality products every day and is bringing that product expertise to the team.

DoubleYolk comes from a background in software engineering. He hold a bachelors in computer science and engineering, and is continually learning about blockchain and web3 development.

Mikel comes from a background of medicine and crypto, which helps the team find new outlooks in the NFT space.

Jiggity comes from a background of sales, marketing, and customer communication. He provides our team with NFT market knowledge, and focuses his efforts on engaging with our community. Jiggity spends his free time taking care of his garden and snowboarding during the winter months.

My background is that of serial inventing and entrepreneurship. My experience lies in product development and product consulting. My main focus of inventing being ‘green products’ and miscellaneous consumer goods.