TheCryptoLabz goal is to create an efficient and long lasting ecosystem built on the $LABZ token. We feel that through our community and unique tokenomics, TheCryptoLabz ecosystem can thrive. We want to be innovators and creators in the space and this will give us a platform to do so.


We are looking towards the longevity of the project and what we can be years from now, not just currently in the market. To raise money for the project, we plan to launch a couple collections of NFTs. 


The holders of these NFTs will have many benefits including in the future the ability to earn $LABZ tokens. The holders of the NFTs also play a crucial part in the ecosystem and the $LABZ tokenomics.


$LABZ Tokenomics



Collection holders will be able to receive $LABZ tokens through staking their NFTs. This does a couple things:

-Creates a liquidity pool to secure the network, 

(Ex. 1 NFT=1ETH, Collection is 1000 and 1000 NFTs are staked, 1000 ETH liquidity pool securing the network)


-Creates true buy in from community members

If a high % of community member elected to stake their NFTs for $LABZ tokens, it shows there is real buy in from the community


-Eventually there will be a swapping function where anyone can buy $LABZ tokens.

This will create more value to $LABZ token holders and give another the opportunity to interact with our ecosystem.


$LABZ Token Value:

The question many might ask is, ok so what is $LABZ tokens worth, why would someone purchase or stake to receive tokens? 


To answer this here are some examples of things $LABZ tokens could be exchanged for:

-Future Collections

Instead of having to pay to mint the next collection, holders that save their $LABZ tokens can use them to purchase future collections



We will be launching a shop where holders of $LABZ tokens can purchase items and merch, such as custom 3D printed, 


-Monthly Product Drops (beta)

Every month TheCryptoLabz will create a product and ship it to members who opt in with their $LABZ tokens



HODL your $LABZ tokens for other rewards!


-Other opportunities

We have more plans to build onto the ecosystem and create a long lasting project that will reward holders in the project.